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    Immunity + Oxygen

Immunity + Oxygen


Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® is a natural oil that helps with various common issues. It combines ionized air and oil to ease pain, heal wounds, enhance skin, shield from radiation, cleanse the body, and promote hair growth. It is simple to use and can serve four people at once.

Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® is a mineral-rich water that boosts health and vitality. It balances electrolytes and strengthens immunity, as well as cures chronic diseases, low energy, gastric issues, blood disorders, nerve problems, and inflammation. It follows ancient Ayurveda principles and can improve your well-being.

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Discover the magic of Ayurveda Sanjeevani ®, the ultimate solution for your health and beauty needs. With Ayurveda Sanjeevani ®, you can:


- Feel the difference in just 10 minutes of use. Experience a boost of energy, vitality and wellness.

- Share the benefits with your loved ones. One drop can generate enough ionized pure air for four people in the same room.

- Enjoy the long-lasting effects of one drop of oil. It can produce 910 litres of ionized excess oxygen in 24 hours, keeping you refreshed and rejuvenated.

- Say goodbye to headache, migraine and knee pain. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® provides quick and effective relief from these common ailments.

- Heal your skin from allergies and injuries. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® soothes and repairs your skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

- Get rid of stretch marks and dark spots for good. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can erase these signs of aging and restore your youthful glow.

- Protect your baby's delicate skin from nappy rash. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can cure this condition in just one day, making your baby happy and comfortable.

- Shield yourself from harmful radiation. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can create a protective layer around your body that lasts for 24 hours, keeping you safe from environmental hazards.

- Detoxify your body from impurities. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can help you flush out toxins and improve your digestion and immunity.

- Reduce nerve and muscle pain significantly. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can ease the tension and inflammation in your nerves and muscles, giving you more mobility and flexibility.

- Heal long-standing ailments and pains. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can address the root causes of your chronic conditions and restore your health and balance.

- Solve your hair problems and dandruff. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can nourish your scalp and hair follicles, preventing dryness, itchiness and flaking.

- Regrow your hair even in bald patches. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can stimulate hair growth in as little as three months, giving you a fuller and thicker mane.

- Cure your skin problems. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can treat various skin issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and more, giving you a clear and healthy complexion.

- Promote your metabolism. Ayurveda Sanjeevani ® can enhance your metabolic rate and help you burn calories faster, helping you achieve your ideal weight.

How to use Ayurveda Sanjeevani ®:

To use Ayurveda Sanjeevani ®, first ensure that your hands are clean and dry. Place a drop of the oil in your palm and apply it inside your nostrils using your finger. For pain relief, massage a drop of the oil onto the affected area. The oil can also be applied to open or partially healed wounds. While it is intended for external use, accidental consumption is not harmful. However, do not apply the oil to areas where there is active bleeding.

Ayurveda Amruthadhara ®: The ultimate wellness water for your body and mind!

- Experience the amazing benefits of this natural product in just *10 minutes* after drinking it!

- This water is enriched with *MEF Water, a unique formula that contains **magnified minerals* that are essential for your health and vitality.

- These minerals include *oxygen, hydrogen, sodium, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium*, which support the proper functioning of your organs and systems.

- All you need to do is *swish 30ml* of this water in your mouth until it mixes with your saliva, and then *swallow it slowly. This simple action will help you **balance your electrolytes* and *boost your immunity* like never before!

- Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® water can help you with a variety of health issues, such as:

- Chronic diseases and immunity disorders

- Low energy levels and fatigue

- Gastric problems and indigestion

- Blood impurities and poor circulation

- Nerve disorders and stress

- Viral infections and inflammation

- This water also *increases the lifespan of your cells*, making you look younger and feel better!

- Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® water is based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which is a holistic system of medicine that originated in India thousands of years ago.

- Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® water is more than just water. It is a *lifestyle choice* that will transform your health and happiness!


Instructions for Ayurveda Amruthadhara ®

Warning: Do not drink Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® Concentrate (bottle contents) without diluting it.

Dilution method: Add the concentrate (30ml bottle) to one litre of RO drinking water. The diluted Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® water is now ready to use.

Drink it on an empty stomach for best results.


Swirl 30 ml of diluted Ayurveda Amruthadhara ® water in your mouth for 5-10 minutes and sip it slowly until your mouth is empty.

Do this once a day for a healthy person to improve immunity; for others, up to three times a day depending on the disease.



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Discover the magic of Ayurveda Sanjeevani ®, the ultimate solution for your health and beauty needs. Experience a boost of energy, vitality and wellness in just 10 minutes of use. Share the benefits with your loved ones and transform your life.

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Charma Rakshak ® is a natural skin protector based on Ayurvedic texts. It brightens the skin and heals various skin problems, such as acne, scars, burns, rashes, infections and wounds. It also relieves bronchial and lung issues by producing oxygen. It strengthens the cell structure and acts as an antibody for viruses and fungus. It makes the skin radiant and healthy.


To use Charma Rakshak ®, apply two or three drops on the affected area and massage three times a day. You will feel relief within minutes.